Mirja Klippel, a Finnish-born artist now residing in rural Denmark, has made her mark on the alternative folk scene by weaving the stark beauty of Nordic scenery through her music with a thread of longing. It draws on inspiration from Finnish folk, Americana, spherical dream-pop and indie in a way that is both beautiful and tragic in the most romantic sense.

Klippel’s debut EP, Lift Your Lion (2016) showcased to the world her talents as a songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer, while her second album, Slow Coming Alive (2021), took a more introspective approach as she explored the Finnish poems of her youth, and addressing universal themes of social justice, set to the sounds of intimate chamber music. For this, she has earned three Danish Music Awards Roots nominations. Klippel is joined live by her long-time musical companion, guitarist Alex Jønsson.