I’m working on writing new music for my next album, “Slow Coming Alive”, that will be recorded this Spring. I’ll be back with more shows and tours in Autumn 2020. Stay tuned :)

Russia, here we come!

We are so happy and exited to announce that we are going to play 14 shows in Russia (and one in Lithuania) in April! You can follow our travel on facebook.com/mirjaklippel and on instagram @mirjaklippel and @alexjonssondk :)

Touring, touring

Soon starting with our spring tours in Denmark, Germany and Finland! A huge thanks to Tempi and Statens Kunstfond for supporting our touring in 2019.

Thank You!

The album is out soon! Thank you so much for everyone who supported my crowdfunding campaign, and made it possible for me to print “River of Silver” in both vinyl and CD. You are amazing!